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Haitian history plays an integral part of world history and has contributed greatly to modern society. However, Haitian history has been silenced and excluded from textbooks, world history curriculum and global historical canons. This curriculum aims to fill in the gaps and provide educators with resources such as books, videos and units of activities that they can utilize in their classrooms. The Haiti Legacy Project curriculum aspires to create a new historical and global narrative that can begin to provide knowledge and restoration to the advancement of Haiti as a nation. Through this educational effort ranging from the revolution to global implications this project aims at fostering a sense of pride and identity among teachers and the next generation of Haitians in Haiti and in the Diaspora, promoting educational and psychological well-being among all.  

The curriculum section consists of:  

  • Resource guidebooks based on historical artifacts, articles, books, appropriate for students K-12

  • The book units focus on following 3 components:

  • Slavery/Colonization, Haitian Revolution and Global contributions