Haiti's Legacy Project: Enhancing Cultural Identity Through Education

The Haiti Legacy Project is realized by a grant from the Kellogg Foundation.   

As the older generation of Haitian folk pass on, so may the history of the country with respect to slavery/ colonization and independence; and the significant contributions that Haiti played in demolishing (or abolishing) slavery in other countries is often forgotten.  The purpose of this website is to provide a one-stop space where Haiti‚Äôs history of slavery/ colonization, revolution, independence in 1804, and the vertebrate impacts of its contribution to the world can be explored.  The legacy of Haiti should never be forgotten and must live on from generation to generation.  The website was created to ensure that the history of Haiti lives on through time and the legacy is documented for generations to admire. 

The Main Objective of the Haiti's Legacy Project is:

To foster a sense of pride and identity among teachers and the next generation of Haitians in the country promoting educational and psychological well-being among all. 


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Funded by W.K. Kellogg Foundation