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  • To create a resource book and other supportive materials that outline the history of slavery and revolution in Haiti that educators can learn from and integrate into their curriculum;

  • To document and highlight the global impact of Haiti in the world before and following the revolution;

  • To provide professional development training to teachers in Haiti on the materials and effective strategies that can be utilized to implement the materials into their curriculum with their students;

  • To train a team of teachers who will serve as trainers for other teachers in an effort to ensure sustainability of the project;

  • To conduct an evaluation of the overall impact of the project with respect to individual and systemic impact.

Our intention is provide a one stop place where information that have been created about Haiti and its people can be found.  Most of the available resources on Haiti and its people have been created not Haitians by individuals living outside of the country.  Which begs the question of WHAT is the story that we, as Haitians, need to tell and WHO should be telling that story?



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Funded by W.K. Kellogg Foundation