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The history of slavery and colonization in Haiti while not unique to this country must be understood within a social cultural and historical context. While the link between slavery and the revolution is often interlocking, in this section of the website, we provide a compilation of the articles, books, and media materials we have located pertaining to the dimension of slavery and colonization.  We also invite you to share your experiences regarding the materials included as well as ask that you enrich this domain by sharing any known additional materials relating to this domain.  Given the significant impact of colonization, healing is not only needed but is central to the advancement of the nation and its people. John Wood at provides the following perspective of Psychological freedom:

“Psychological freedom is possible and essential if we are to live life from the deeper reality of love, peace, wisdom and common sense… the human manifestation of our true spiritual nature; rather than from the blindness of our dead yesterdays… fear, hatred, jealousy, envy and greed. The antidote to the paralysis of fearful thinking lies in understanding the root cause… memory. In understanding the true nature of memory we experience life free of the crippling affect of all frightening or traumatic past events. With this understanding comes a life of psychological freedom.”

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